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Thread: Alternate Re-virginizing method? Engineered NAND, flash clean NAND with bootmii?

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    Exclamation Alternate Re-virginizing method? Engineered NAND, flash clean NAND with bootmii?

    What do I want to do?

    I want to revirginize my wii.


    because I have to send it back to nintendo because where the video cable connects has been jiggled loose and I see fuzz all the time. (tried diff cables, tvs, and power supplies)

    How do I want to do it?

    of course I am familiar with how to remove everything all cios, tickets, know how to have all pure IOS.. blah blah.. etc...
    But what I want to do is make a NAND from scratch (like in ShowMiiNAND) and then be able to flash this 4.2 engineered NAND to my real NAND with bootmii. and then with bannerbomb uninstall bootmii from boot2.. thus having a completely virgin wii with no traces of hacks and tickets, etc. ever being installed.

    Now I am pretty sure I am going to need to have my wii's key files from a bootmii dump... and I have to use a tool called betwiin I think to inject the keys of my real nand into the engineered NAND? This is where I am getting stuck!

    Anyone with experience in these areas, Your comments and links will be greatly appreciated.

    Would anyone care to share their knowledge on the subject?
    Is this even possible? Is this really needed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rAiN mAn 2o0o View Post
    Is this really needed?
    We do have a guide on the subject of virginizing. Your post seems to suggest you know everything to remove all traces; couple that with the guide (that's supposed to do the same thing), and I think you have your answer.

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