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Thread: [Guide] How to get System Menu Haxx With StartPatch Any Version

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    [Guide] How to get System Menu Haxx With StartPatch Any Version

    WORKS WITH 4.3!!11!
    I am NOT responsible for any damage caused to your Wii by this! Preloader/Priiloader & BootMii/boot2 with a NAND backup not required but HIGHLY recommended!!!

    System Menu hacks are popular nowadays because of updates embedded in wii discs and other reasons. I'll show you how to get the hacks using a program called StartPatch.

    cIOS 249 rev12 or higher
    A trucha bugged IOS36
    StartPatch for your System Menu from here ->StartPatch - WiiBrew

    Don't have the trucha bug in IOS36?On 3.2 - 4.2? Read Krank's guide over there to find out how to get it.-------------------->
    On 4.3?Read my guide here---->

    Before you start, ensure you put the files on correctly. Your sd directory should look like this: SD-CARD\apps\StartPatch

    Step 1: Find out your SysMenu version.

    To find out your menu version, go to system settings, and it will display your version number in the top left corner.

    Step 2- Load StartPatch
    Load StartPatch your preferred way.

    Step 3- Select your hacks
    There will be a long list of hacks for you to install. To select a hack, press a on it. Once all your hacks are selected, press 1 to install ans exit.

    Make sure you remove ALL HACKS before updating your wii!
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