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Thread: How to make your own mod chip....

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    Talking How to make your own mod chip....

    you need some things first...
    1. a chip or nintendo controller
    2. a nintendo wii
    3. an old tape deck that has two tape decks in it and no volume nobs
    4. wire
    5. a polarity detector
    6. a soldering iron
    "always run binary up a ngative unless you sending into a divice directly"

    now you should start with the polarity detector inside the wii
    console starting from the dvd connector shown here...

    you then test for positive polarity behavior when a disk is being read.
    you then solder down two wires where you found the beginning read
    of a disks info wires or ribbon "that means activity wires are the conferm it's a store bought cd wires" those wire are your target!
    then run the negative wire to a cd input auxillary posative and the and auxillary negative should be connected to the other wire.......
    "being sure to not amplify the recording you should only use input outputs"
    now record on tape the read up of a store bought wii game...
    the tape recordings positive can be sent up the wii modificaion wires negative and the wii will play burned games and the beauty of it all is you
    can wire a nintendo game controllers A buttons possative were a record head once was by removing it and on a tape deck press record and the on the mod tape press play and run that to the headless recorders input for a mod paddle
    now solder down the paddles chip "A button out" to the dvd connector
    show here
    "you should only use input outputs of the tape deck or you'll amplify the conferm"

    and did i mention that you can also polarity test an A disk
    of a computer for binary activity and then copy one file to the A disk but cut the activity wire during the copy process and then run you mod tape recording up the positive for an A disk file of files that can be added to
    an iso file for mod cd's or boot cd's that run without mods at all

    and remember that a drop in polarity going back up rapidly over and over again is probly the conferm binary traveling the wire "i did this with apple
    computers on a playstation and it does work and YO YOU HAVE TO COME TO TERMS WITH THE MAKING OF GAMES TO HAVE BEEN MADE ON A COMPUTER AND ALWASY IBM NOT APPLE.....wii is IBM... playstation is IBM....sega is IBM
    ps, copyright means you can't sell a copy but you can make archival
    copies of what ever you want, trade them, distibute aswell and a patend is rights to sale aswell "wii only has a patend"
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    using the play head wires is for getting the confirm it's a real disc from the dvd connector......
    useing the record head wires is for connecting to a chip and remeber to wire the negative of the chip as an output circuit from mod chip like a loop circuit.....

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    tricks i learned along the way...

    play head wires is just a phone tap trick i learned along the way...

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    You could easily just flash an EEPROM without all the hassle. I've never seen the inside of a wii, but if the bios chip is just an EEPROM, it wouldn't be all that hard to socket and install a new one.

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    and those eeprom files come from real discs and the only way to get those files
    is from the discs unless you download them or just swipe them
    put the chip files on a burned disk "on playstation the burned disks play"
    without modification to you playstation
    i consider that if you dont build it yourself than it's risky like downloading eeprom
    but any who ,tape decks can copy and flsh chips which is cool to know....

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    why a wii thinks a real disc is in it

    some mod chips are not what most hackers are looking for.....
    to hack a chip the underground way is a tape deck for reading one chip via
    play button and flashing the other chip or aka recording over a chip with a record button

    i've built cable box's that get "HBO" with this method
    and cell phones fully copied and built
    thats how you copy chips without the hassle of people knowing that you make chips....


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