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Thread: burnt games stop working

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    burnt games stop working


    I have the following problem. I installed the d2pro9 chip with wiiclip to my wii about 2 months ago. I downloaded and burned many games. At first, they all worked properly, except a few copies that could not be read.

    The games are not working now. I can start them, may be go to the menu but then I can't play them, a message shows up saying that the disc could not be read or similar to that.

    If do a new copy of the game, the game works perfectly but again, after using the game around 10 ten times, the games stop working and the same happens over and over again.

    Why is this happening? I don't want to keep burning the copies each month. Is there any solution? May be the my DVDs are not good enough. I've been using Memorex DVD+R 16x. What could I do to preserve my games?



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    1 problem>>> using Memorex DVD+R 16x.>>>verbatim dvd-r or Tiayo Yuden 8 x dvd -r top recommended disc for wii

    burning software>>imgburn
    burn speed 2 or 4 x

    try that 1st

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    thanks I'll try that

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