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Thread: Bootmii wont load anymore

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    Us Bootmii wont load anymore

    My system is a 4.2U and I have had it softmodded for more than a year now. When I try to access Bootmii from the HBC (latest version of HBC 1.0.8 IOS61 v21.29) by clicking on Launch BootMii, the screen goes black and my disc drive light (the surrounding blue light) just blinks.

    I discovered this because USB Loader GX stopped working as did all my emulator channel forwarders.

    What I did was format my SD Card, installed USBLoaderCFG_Forwarder-UCXF and uninstall all my Nintendo emulators (NES/SNES and GBA). Now the USBLoaderCFG works awesome as do the emulators (if played from the HBC).

    Dunno if this helps but Tantric's FCE Ultra GX channel forwarder, when clicked, goes to a black screen and locks up my Wii.

    As a side note, I currently have 243 open blocks on my Wii nand.

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    you need to have the bootmii folder with (armboot,ppcboot.elf and bootmii.ini) on the root of your sd card for bootmii to load


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    Thanks Cile, sorry for the n00bish question. I should have known that!

    Any thoughts on why Tantric's FCE Ultra GX loader wont work? My hdd USB LoaderCFG also locks up after a couple of minutes on all games now as well.

    :edited for spelling error.


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