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Thread: What is the next step?

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    What is the next step?

    I've been reading through stuff in the forums and it's been very enlightening, but I still can't figure out how to deal with my situation, it seems it is rather uncommon in the forums...
    I bought an ''unlocked'' wii. Being a complete noob to the wii world, I didn't even know if it was softmodded or hardmodded, in fact, I didnt even know what those words meant back then.
    So far I've enjoyed it without any problems, but then I got other games and the backups have problems, specifically, PoP Forgotten Sands and Monster Hunter Tri. I know there are fixes to those in the forums, I read them, but I don't really know what to do, since I hardly know whats in my wii.
    I'm on a 4.2E, black wii. The only channels in the menu that are obviously not Nintendo stuff are Neo Gamma R7 and one Wii USB Loader, which upon closer inspection seems to be USB loader GX. I see no channels/references to HomeBrew, Priiloader, Bootmii and any other apps mentioned in the forums.... It ocurred to me that the shop could have uninstalled them to prevent me from bricking the wii out of curiosity, but've thats a wild guess. I also believe that its actually a softmodded wii, as I have no reason to think its been hardmodded (though I can't say for sure, being an amateur sucks ).
    Bottomline is I want to fix the mentioned games but don't know how to proceed since I don't know what's already in the wii and many of the guides are quite confusing to me...For instance, I have a 4GB SDHC card, but I've read that it may not be apropriate for what I may have to do...
    Ah, and apparently the USB loader GX in my wii is ''rev564 IOS249(rev14)''..... thats what it said when I checked the credits anyway....

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    Start here...
    Ultimate WiiHacks Index

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    .. then go here...

    Problematic Games & solution

    and go here How to setup cIOS to update your cios to rev 17

    also have a look on the later pages of your channels, if you find the homebrew channel drag it to the front (point at it press A+B). if not would be easier for you to start over with a softmod guide like this one Softmod ANY Wii

    read a lot, this helps the most to understand whats going on
    also once the homebrewchannel is there you can use a syscheck to find out what else is going on with your wii.
    How to post a syscheck: Instructions here

    good luck for now

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