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Thread: IS a softmod update Nessecery?

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    IS a softmod update Nessecery?

    HI all,
    I have looked through the formus and couldnt find any answer really so here is my question.
    I have a softmodded Wii it is a Ver 4.1U. Is there any reason to upgrade this to a higher ver softmod or is this one good enough to play on, even the newer ones.

    Thank you and sorry again if this is posted somewhere else.

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    you are in the best firmware. stay there

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    Hi kinseeker,
    Updates are required when games don't load or you can't access things like the shopping channel.
    These involve updating your cIOS (Custom IOS) and IOS's, but only when you have a problem.
    If everything is working fine then no need to update.
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