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Thread: mplayer work great but dont play backup dvd movies onle retail dvds

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    mplayer work great but dont play backup dvd movies onle retail dvds

    i have seached for months about this and nothing seems to work im on 4.2u fully sorfmodded on updated apps tried mplayer .76-77 with the same result 1.08 homebrew channel its not my media or my burn works fine on my pc mplayer works completly except any burned dvd discs but retail dvds play fine as far as i can tell new homebrew channel and mplayer shoud work, is there something ive missed, useing vebatim dvd-r
    i burned 80 back up games with em without fail, what could it be?
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    Did you install cIOS202 v4 or v5 (v5.1)?
    You need it
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    im not sure how to find out, i do have 202 installed but its from december 09 if that helps, i try to find the latest revision and see what happens.
    Thanks for the input. im on 4.2u and i dont think i have 224 installed.

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    for your internals you can run a syscheck How to post a syscheck: Instructions here
    but i think that does not help with your dvd issue.

    rather than looking at your wii serial No. if you have a new board which prevents copies from beein played
    check it out here
    if you have some D3-2 or D4 board you can't play copies

    edit: doh, missed the line, you already have 80 working dvd backups, ignore above, sry, gl
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    whatever i did at 2am solved my problem, unfortunatly i sure what i did that fixed it, only seems to load dvd-r, and +r ive tried dont load so far,problem solved, it seem all you need for mplayer is ios202.

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