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Thread: some games playing and some are not?

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    some games playing and some are not?

    I modded my Wii 7 months ago using shadows " Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii!" with usb loader GX on 1TB western digital HDD and everything worked fine until about a month ago when, I would say half of my games do not work anymore?

    If I pick the game it just goes to a black screen and locks up..I have to hold the power on the console until it turns off.

    not sure why they stopped working whether or not I need to upgrade software or a glitch with the HDD and need to take the games off and and reload them?

    Thanks for all the help in advance..
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    Try copping one of them again that isn't working and see if it will play. That should answer your question. I had to do that before myself.

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    what games did you try loading?

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    All most every time someone says they have this problem it ends up being the hard drive. Basically, If it was working and now it's not without any softmod changes then it's a problem with the hard drive.
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