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Thread: USB Games ON/Off

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    USB Games ON/Off

    I am sick and tired usb games that working fine then do not work unless I delete them
    and import with WBFS Manager 3.0 on hard drive, then palying again until they do not play, any suggestion I appreciated.


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    seems odd, but need more details, sys menu version, what loaders you have installed, to be more informative you could post a syscheck as shown here

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    I'm leaning toward an issue with your hard drive. Do you leave the games on and walk away from your Wii for an extended amount of time? If so then you hard drive might be going in power saving mode while the Wii is still running the game and the result is a corrupt ISO. This is just a guess but might be something to think about.

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    Not really, game plays fine doesn't matter if walk away or what ever but next day after powering on Wii problems start, and could be different game not the one I played last night. When Wii power off (orange light on) hard drive still spinning, if power off from wall I kind of thought I fixed the problem, work for awhile, but then again some game (always different ones) even the one I did not play would not start, if erase, go to pc and import with wbfs 3.0 plays no problem until next time, I just can't take it anymore, have like 50 games on hard drive.



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