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Thread: When quitting USB loader GX-black screen

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    Question When quitting USB loader GX-black screen

    When I play my backup games I open usb loader gx from system menu. Game play is fine. When i try to quit the game to return to the gx menu.. I pressed Home button on the remote, it has two choices, 1.Wii Menu, 2.Reset.

    So I can't return to the usb loader gx menu to select other backup games. Also, when I select Wii Menu, it goes to black screen and i have to turn it off using the power button.
    So the only choice I have when I want to quit playing a game is to select Reset, which reboots the console.

    Is there a way to access gx loader's menu and avoid black screen and reset?


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    No you can't return to GX. I had this issue when testing Rev's of GX. Didn't think much about it because I use Cfg. Try a different revision or loader.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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