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Thread: Requesting your diagnostic wisdom

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    Requesting your diagnostic wisdom


    I have a softmodded 4.2u Wii, modded it about 3 months ago. Life has been glorious, I have USB Loader GX and WiiMC and both have been functioning more than perfectly.

    But then, something changed. I got Metroid: Other M and tried it out, however it was freezing during the introductions. The internet whispered to use IOS 222 for booting Metroid (Not sure if this information is relevant, but figured I'd list everything I'd changed in the past few days). so I changed it as such from the USB Loader GX channel menu. I played the game, and all was still fine and dandy.

    Today, I booted up the Wii and went to USB Loader GX. My slow USB device was not found! But wait, it was merely because my hard drive had been removed from the usb cradle. I restored it to its throne and the channel loaded as normal. I tried running Metroid... black screen. Thinking it was just some easy issue, I force restarted. Now, I get to the Wii Menu, and after a brief few seconds of being there, my wii freezes and the speakers produce a loud buzzing noise. The only way out of this hell is a force shutdown. I tried removing the USB from the back as well as the SD card from the front but it all seems to make no difference.

    As you can see I didn't do anything radical but I now have this unpleasant issue of a nonfunctioning Wii. From the Sticky, it sounds like this may be a "banner brick." What do you all think this is, and might anyway point me towards the appropriate tutorial for trying to escape it?

    Also, you probably want to know if I have preloader installed... I think I do, but I don't remember. I know you love that answer.

    Thank you all for any help you provide!

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    You are saying you cannot start up your wii console?
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    Thank you for the quick response!

    Here is the current state of the problem:
    1) Wii turns on, Intro/Health screen appears.
    2) I push A
    3) Wii Menu appears with all my channels, works for about 0.75 seconds
    4) Screen freezes, occasionally speakers produce loud buzzing noise

    And that's where I am now.

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    Sounds like hardware issue

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    You got a disc in the console? Sounds like it's freezing once the drive spins up to read the disc.
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    I did have a disc in the console, but even after removing it nothing has improved. If it is a hardware issue, will I be able to get Nintendo to repair it? My warranty is long past so I assume I'd have to pay money,
    but I'm just curious if the softmodding would hinder this at all.

    Does anybody have any other suggestions or possibilities before I resign to hardware issues?

    Thanks for your replies guys.

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    Can you load priiloader?
    Can you savemiifrii?
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    You have a corrupt message board. Press + - together at health warning screen and hold until the system menu comes up. This will bypass the message board and you can then restore by either following mauifrogs guide or you can simply reinstall your system menu and that will take care of it. Not sure what system menu you are on but you should reinstall the correct system menu IOS first and then install the system menu.

    I can give you instructions on how to do this safely however, I need to know what system menu you are currently on.


    Here's a link to Mauifrogs guide : Softmod Any wii -Start at chapter 2.
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    streamlined --

    Thank you so much! Using + - to bypass the Message Board completely works! I am overjoyed. I will check out the guide
    you posted and look into how I will reinstall it, and may take you up on your offer to help. I have Wii Menu version 4.2, US.


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    You got it. Glad I could help!

    Now you just have to follow the guide and install all the wads. Once the wads are installed you will need to reinstall your system menu (I recommend 4.1) then priiloader and you are all fixed.
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