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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    Hello there i'm new to the mod scene, and would start with my wii. I have two wiis in my home one being mine and the other being my girlfriends. So i would like to mod my wii, and keep ther other just how it is.

    To be honest after doing some research i have no clue where i should start. so that is why i'm here. I'll start you off with some information about my wii

    I got it a few months after its release date (It was so hard to find one back then) It broke down due to my new puppy at the time chewing through the power coed, and i think this caused it to short circuit, or something. Either way i had to get repaired. This was a few years ago.

    Serial #

    Model #

    Not sure if you guys need any other info, if needed just ask.

    What i want to do. Well i suppose either be able to play backup games, or use some sort of USB storage venue.

    I also would like to do some simple case modification, and by that i mean get a whole new one just to make wii look "Cool" lol but that seems simple enough.

    For that i was just wondering if anyone knew of a good website to buy things like that.

    Okay um yeah let me know what you guys think i should do :P

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    What firmware version are you on? Check out the wii settings on the top right hand corner. Based on that use the appropriate guide to softmod.

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    I'm running 4.3U

    I just updated it the other day ... lol

    Thanks for the tip i'll look into it.

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    Well to softmod you need to follow the guide in my signature for 4.3. You will need either Indiana Jones original or Super Smash Brothers. You can't softmod a 4.3 without it.

    As far as your question about a case mod, I suggest that you goggle it. I don't suggest you get one from Deal Sniper. I did once and not only did it take over two weeks because it was in China but I just wasn't happy with the product I got.

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    Thanks for the info this post helps out a lot


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