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Thread: ok i can't find wad manager on my thing

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    ok i can't find wad manager on my thing

    ok so i managed to install homebrew channel using twilight hack.
    people told me to get the homebrew browser first because it will have all the apps i will need.
    so i got the homebrew browser and searched thru it all the way, but couldn't find wad manager? am i doing something wrong?

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    no its not there, people told me the same thing, but its not there xD

    Waninkoko - Wii Projects
    you can get it there, just install it like any other app, and add a folder to the root called "wad" put all wads there, and it will install them

    Good Luck =3

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    oh and forgot to ask a few questions:

    1. so wad is a game, right?
    but does the wad manager install the wad into sd card or wii?
    if it installs it to sd card, i can just remove it of course, but if it installs into wii (like wii channel thing), how can i uninstall it?

    2. if i download an emulator (let's say snes for example) thru the homebrew browser, where do i place the rom to play the game? and what file format is the rom?

    3. so far, i only have gecko os and homebrew browser.. that's it.. (trying to get wad manager as i said)... what else should i get? i'm totally new to wii homebrew... i'm not interested in simple/old games like tetris... but i want to use internet (internet browser) and put some .avi files on my sd card and watch it thru wii... stuff like that.. so what else should i get?

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    1 kinda its just code, some people make wads of other things like IOS's
    it installs to the Wii, and its deleteable in the channels menu

    2 idk, i dont care a whole lot about emulators, and if i could pick Emulator, or VC i would pick the latter since it works better being it was made for it xD

    3 i have 2 programs on my HBC
    wad manager
    Gecko OS

    i dont see all the others as needed, its all up to you, really if you have a mod chip, the only one that is really useful are the Debricking ones, the one that edit settings, and wad manager

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    sweet, thanx i'm gonna trying installing a wad very soon.


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