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Thread: Updating USB Loader GX

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    Updating USB Loader GX


    So I just decided to update my USB Loader GX, but when I run the update option in the program I only end up with rev874. Does that mean that this is the latest stable rev.? 'Cause on their site the latest rev. is 938.

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    938 is the latest. don't know why you end up with that old school rev but you can just download the dol put it in your app/gx folder and rename it to boot.dol, update done
    good luck

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    you need to change the settings to download beta versions

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    The last official rev was 883. GX was abandoned recently (last couple months), so the built-in updater may be taking you to a server which hasn't been updated past 874. You can download 883 on the page you linked. Beyond that revision, some people have it working well, others not so much.

    883 is the last version members of the former GX team recommend using, so take it for what you will.
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    Thanks for the quick replies, guys. I'll get the 883 then.


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