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Thread: Question About Virginizing

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    Question About Virginizing


    I have a 4.3U Wii System and I was wondering (if I ever needed to) how I would go about virginizing my softmodded Wii.

    I don't have AnyTitleRemover...I'm going to get it but is there a way to do it for a 4.3? I've only seen 4.2 and under.


    P.S., Thank you mauifrog, followed your guide and it worked like a charm

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    Why do you want to virginize?

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    I don't know why you would do this but if you must... Dogeggs Guide You will end up with a 4.1 virgin Wii but you can upgrade if you want later. Make sure you install IOS60 v6174 before upgrading your system menu from 3.2 to 4.1 with Waninkoko's updater. YOU WILL BRICK IF YOU DON'T!!
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    The point of Dogegg's virginizing guide (which really, once 4.2 and beyond came out doesn't really apply as-is) would be if a user needs to return the unit to Nintendo for authorized warranty work. There is no other reason a person should be attempting it; a failed softmod for example, won't benefit.


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