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Thread: Need help about softmodded wii

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    Need help about softmodded wii

    Hi there. I have a question regrading the softmod. My friend softmodded my wii for me. Im basically in the dark here. So here are a couple of questions. The Wii has the hombrew channel and neogamma

    1) I dont have an SD card, so I bought a 2GB micro SD card. What do I need to put in it?

    2) Everytime I load the homebrew channel, they directly go online and ask me to update it. But after it stop saying that I dont have and IOS or cios? I dont know where to get it? Or what should I get?

    3) Do I need to install bootmii again? If so how to I backup my nand

    Im sorry, since Im starting halfway in the guide. So I really don't know where to start.

    Im currently running on 3.2U


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    You should get a 2GB SD card, not microSD or sdhc. If you have hbc installed, run the cios38rev17 installer. If you accept an online update from nintendo when you connect to the internet you will have to resoftmod since 4.3 kills homebrew. After installing rev17 and the loaders you should be good to go and then can update the hbc when prompted if you wish.

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    Thanks junkmail. A couple of follow up questions

    1) Where to get the cios38rev17? Do i just google it and get the megaupload link?

    2) Can you guide me to the step in installing the cios38rev17?

    3) Do I need to backup my nand before doing this? If so how to do this? Bootmii?

    4) Do I use WAD manager 1.4 or 1.5

    Sorry for a lot of questions, I just need to be thorough. Dont want to brick my wii

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    look in this Guide

    it contains location for download softmod pack
    nd step 3 is about installing cios.
    4.2E, BootMii (boot2, ios),priiloader 0.3b, DVDx, HBC 1.0.6, cIOS 38 r14, WiiFlow 1.1, WiiMC, Sandisk 2GB SD, 500GB Seagate (250GB Fat32/250GB WBFS)

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    And the wadmanager in the softmod pack will work fine. There's also instructions in the guide on how to back up your nand.


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