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Thread: DVD+R with Black Wii

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    DVD+R with Black Wii

    I backed up a Gamecube title on a DVD+R, and it works perfect in a modchipped 4.3u white Wii.

    However, when I try it in my soft-modded black Wii 4.3u, Neogamma and Gamecube Backup Launcher tries to load the disc, green screen flashes, and the Wii reboots.

    Is it an issue with the type of drive in the black Wii, or should I try a different media like the widely accepted DVD-R?


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    new wii's cannot read recordable media. If you want this to work you'll have to find an older white wii and put it in a black case

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    Dang. Ah well. Thanks for the reply!


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