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Thread: How do I install the *actual* Virtual Console on my s/modded Wii

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    How do I install the *actual* Virtual Console on my s/modded Wii

    Hi guys
    Just looking for a basic answer to a basic question which I've been looking all day to answer. After quite a close scrutinising of this and other sites I'm getting toward the end of my tether :-/
    I understand that some ppl have had a few different problems running previous software such as VC games after their softmod.
    I reformatted to Wii before the softmod, so there was nothing on it. Now I'd like to play the actual Nintendo Virtual Console games on my Wii but I can't find a guide of how to install the VC with WADs or anything. I even tried connecting to the Wii shop (I didn't upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3 of whatever it is now as I connected) but the shop froze on a black screen before loading saying "the system files are corrupted" (perhaps due to the softmod I performed). So it seems I can't buy my VC games from the shop at the moment since it won't load due to those corrupted files. I don't know if an update would change that, even though the guys who wrote the softmod guide think that updating is OK I don't dare yet!

    Is there any other way to get Nintendo's virtual console channel and start running some of their games which they've released for the VC in WAD format or whatever?

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    If you have the WADs of your VC games, just use WAD Manager to load / install them... also I don't believe Nintendo ever released the VC games as WADs, I could be wrong though... I knew there was link, get to reading...
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    Ahh yes - you're right, wad manager is our friend. Now rocking Golden Axe and Secret of Mana like it's the nineties again :-)

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    Have a look here for a shop channel update. I don't know why you are getting a system files corrupt error but hopefully this will correct it. You can also look at this guide here to load VC and WiiWare games from a SD card or USB drive.

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