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Thread: possable full brick

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    possable full brick

    please help
    1. modchip fitted open souce one from realease of wii
    2. hbc installed
    3. 3.4 e fw.
    4. game updated wii to 4.1 fw
    .5 black screen after warning and press a
    6.can get into recovery mode with gc controler
    7. 1.3 restorer wont boot or any backup repair disk
    8. put backup of super mario galaxy 2 in and fw is now at

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    What was the game you updated with? It sounds like an out of region game.

    Do you have Bootmii as boot2?

    eidt: Look here if it was caused by an out of region update and you don't have Boot2 and a NAND backup.
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    no bootmi installed
    no backup of nand
    these were not available at time
    and it was an original pal game uk

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    why is it so hard to follow These rules
    4.2E, BootMii (boot2, ios),priiloader 0.3b, DVDx, HBC 1.0.6, cIOS 38 r14, WiiFlow 1.1, WiiMC, Sandisk 2GB SD, 500GB Seagate (250GB Fat32/250GB WBFS)


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