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    Odd Question

    I've got a soft-modded Wii that I've attached a small (60GB) HDD in a generic USB enclosure. I've got about 2 TB of space on my computer, so I store backups on it and only keep a few of them on my Wii.

    My question is, can I link my Wii with the USB HDD active to my home network and load games on to the drive remotely (since I currently have to move the enclosure between room to transfer games)? I've tried FTPii, but it doesn't detect the USB HDD.

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    There isn't an app that I know of that can read from the WBFS partition. You could setup your drive with FAT32 partition to load games from to achieve what you are asking but it would be very, very slow compared to moving the drive to your PC.


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