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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri from USB Loader GX on 4.2

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    Monster Hunter Tri from USB Loader GX on 4.2

    Hi, When I try to play MH3 on my 4.2 PAL wii, I get the creat a new game screen and then get beeping. I've installed all the IOS using Hermes and I still get the beeping.

    I've searched on the internet but I haven't found a solution for a 4.2 wii

    I have a 4.2 PAL Wii with USB Loader GX and I am using IOS249 I believe

    Can someone give me step-by-step instructions on what I need to install and how to install it

    Thanks in advance

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    link to the guide in my sig.

    you need to select ios 222/223 before launching the game, simply installing it is not enough.

    Maybe search might help next time?

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