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Thread: Update Safe with Cioscorp?

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    Update Safe with Cioscorp?

    Hello, nathan here.
    just wodering, if it's safe to update my wii.
    i have Cioscorp installed to allow Backups played on the disc channel. i want to unistall it, knowing how big of pain in the arse it is, but my Homebrew channel, corrupt. i had to delete it.

    i don't know what to do. i tried install homebrew channel again, but it won't let me since i have Cioscorp installed, which got rid of all my original ios's and replaced them with Cios'es.

    is updating my wii safe? i'm on 3.2 UK/Eur.

    cheers for any replies

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    do you have bootmii installed in boot 2? or priloader. bith of these will launch uninstallers for Cioscorp then allow to rehack with bannerbomb and hackmii

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    Do chapter 1 from the guide linked below to reinstall HBC. I see know reason for you to update your wii. What trouble do think Cioscorp is causing you? You could remove it, or update it to darkcorp 1.1. And yes it is safe to update the wii with Cioscorp installed, but there is no reason to update.
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