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Thread: can you install hackmii on a previoulsy modded wii that was upgraded to 4.3

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    Ca can you install hackmii on a previoulsy modded wii that was upgraded to 4.3

    a friend bought his wii over that i had previously modded at 4.2.
    his son updated to 4.3u and he lost the hbc channel so he bought it to me to look at
    i know you can reinstall hbc if you have indiana or smash brothers but i have neither of these
    is there a way to reinstall without these games on a 4.3?
    i thought i heard there was

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    No there isn't any other way. The only way is following the 4.3 Softmod Guide but you'll still need the games.

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    take a read here:

    you will need to get one of those games tho.

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    yes but someone told me that if the wii had been previoulsy modded that there was way to reinstall without the games. take it this is wrong?

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    Sorry, but there is no known way. Previously to 4.3 we could use bannerbomb to launch the installer but the update completely broke that option. If theee was a way, believe me, Wiihacks would be one of the first to know.

    edit: you can always go rent, buy or borrow one of the needed games.


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