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Thread: SUN-ISO Application v011_Upgrade_Pack_(need work with 009 full pack together)

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    SUN-ISO Application v011_Upgrade_Pack_(need work with 009 full pack together)

    SUN-ISO Application v011_Upgrade_Pack_(need work with 009 full pack together)


    #1. Add "ISO Converter" function, user can converter the standard wii ISO to Sun_ISO compress format on the fly and not need copy to sun-hd first, it's very fast converter operation.
    #2. Can show the hardware version/ menu version in the NGC menu
    #4. APP will ask user want overwrite or rename if they want to copy the exiest ISOs to the sun-hd from HD, it'll not copy the same ISOs twice again
    #5. Now can show the right hardware version when detect the device, will show "SunDriver" or "Sun-Disk" correctly
    #6. Add more language support
    #7. Cover bank update again
    #8. Change the button size a little bigger, to show other language more better
    #9. Included the last SunDriver V2.03 firmware and SunDisk V1.8 firmware

    Please download the GigaGet software first, you need it to download the Sun-Iso pack. Click it to download:

    Here is the Sun-Iso download link for GigaGet:
    thunder://QUFodHRwOi8vd3d3LmQyc3VuLmNvbS9kb3dubG9hZC9TVU4tSV NPIEFwcGxpY2F0aW9uIHYwMTFfVXBncmFkZV9QYWNrXyhuZWVk IHdvcmsgd2l0aCAwMDkgZnVsbCBwYWNrIHRvZ2V0aGVyKS5yYX JaWg==/
    The SunKey Fusion 3in1 chip in stock now, we will present the free chips + NDP to let some good tester to test this new chip and feedback to us, if you are interesting, please let me know, we will present the SunKey Fusion 3in1 chip + Nero Dual Programmer to you!

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    I'm really liking these updates. The only two remaining requests I have would be Wiimote control of the menu and to be able to eject a loaded game without having to power down the Wii everytime to change to a different ISO.

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    um it does let you do this... reset + eject make the gamecube menu inserted.. theres no need to power off///

    wiimote doesnt work it boots thru a gamecube homebrew....

    what would be good is a) a way to change to disk 2 of a game without powering off...
    b) streaming audio
    c)ikaruga working (infinite loop)

    u forgot to add point

    10: gamecube memory cards dont read proper after updating since the new gamecube menu, unless u select with a game with pc tool.
    so balders gate will freeze while saving (or if u try to load) unless u choose game with pc tool/.
    ikaruga willk make a second save file, one for if u use the gamecube menu to select, and one for if u use the pc tool.

    if you have save file in tales of symphonia from previously owning a gamecube, you can count on the save to not come up when you hit load game, unless you boot the disc with the pc tool.


    i would also like to point out that GCOS DVD9 FIXED FINAL VER whatsnew:
    ** FINAL v4F Release **

    maybe contaqct the makers of that program...? thanks again

    athe very least you cou ld make streaming audio games work properly with no audio.. like the wode is attempting to do,.
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