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Thread: 2 problems - Duplicate Thread/Uninformative Thread Title

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    Angry 2 problems - Duplicate Thread/Uninformative Thread Title

    ok i originally had a 4.3 wii i modded it using mauifrogs guide and went back to 4.1u.(yay me) ok i have installed ios222\223 from hermes but for some reason everytime i power the wii down for any legnth of time my usb support goes away( a.k.a. usb mics for guitar hero and karaoke rev.) what could be causing this? second problem is wiimc my serial starts with lu64 so no dvd pkayback from disc i get invalid disk everytime i try with burned or original using a dvd-r any help will be greatly sppreciated and maybe save me some hair i dont have much left great site guys and keep up the good work

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    You mean aside this is virtually identical to your thread here (which undoubtedly, the other problem is related to as well) and ignoring Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community - Forum Rules on the subject of duplicate posts? Keep it in your thread, there's absolutely no reason to start another thread.

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