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Thread: System Files Are Crupted

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    System Files Are Crupted

    Everytime the wii is turned on I get systems files are crupted. Please refer to wii operation manual for trouble shooting.

    It happens after the A button is pushed to get to the systems menu. Then I would have to power down, and restart only to get the same ole same ole.

    I remembered to power on and hold reset, was able to lanch HBC. from there wii flow.
    I have to figure out a way to fix. I dont want my kids doing that for fear of greater troubles.

    Can anybody help me Please??????

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    What happend to cause the proplem? We need a little more info.

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    Moved to the Bricked section. There is a thread on fixing the issue here that likely will address the problem.

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    You probably have a mail brick. When you boot the wii hold + - and press A at the health screen. If the system menu loads, you have a corruption.
    If it is working in maintenacne mode, it could be a mail brick. Try-
    Det1re's Mailbox Brick Fix.
    Quote Originally Posted by Det1re
    <!--quotec-->1. Copy "apps" and "fstoolbox" to your SD card root and overwrite if asked.
    2. Startup the Wii and boot HBC (you can use BootMii, Preloader or the Maintainance mode)
    to do so.
    3. From HBC, run FSToolbox r50 and follow the on-screen instructions until you see your
    Wii's file struct (import, meta, shared1, shared2, sys, ticket, title, tmp).
    4. Navigate to shared2/wc24/ and replace any file with the one from SD by pressing PLUS.
    5. Navigate to shared2/wc24/mbox/ and do the same there.
    6. End the app and restart the Wii. You will get a message that your Mail account is broken
    and will be restored.

    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><!--/coloro-->Doing the steps above will remove all your saved friends and all messages from your
    Message Board.
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

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