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Thread: mod chip compatable for 4.3u update

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    mod chip compatable for 4.3u update

    is there a mod chip or solderless mod chip that works with a Wii that was acidentaly updated to 4.3u also does it work to get the homebrew channel on the wii or do you have to do the softmod to get that? thanks in advanced im a bit of a newbie!!!!

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    Homebrew is softmod. If you get a modchip you can only play games from your region unless you softmod and downgrade to 4.1. This is also assuming your wii does not have the new chipset that prevents dvd loading. There's always usb loading.

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    is there a way i can find out what chipset i have.. and i just want to play the backups of the games i have alrady. my kids are bad with the disk's and ruin them all the time.

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    google wii serial database. I don't have a link handy. It will give you an idea at least. You can always load through usb if nothing else.

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    Hello, I was reading this junkmail what you're saying is that depending on your chipset can determine if you will be able to play back up dvds or not. Anyway I checked my chipset and it seems I have a GC2R-D2A or a GC2-DMS. Mind you, my Wii is Japanese and it was produced it on 06. I'm also running on a 4.3 system. I'm assuming that since I don't have a new chipset, if I get a modchip I can burn and play backup Japanese version wii games, right?

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