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Thread: Can't use Wiimote in app started from HBC

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    Can't use Wiimote in app started from HBC

    I wanted to update the HBC from 1.03 to HBC 1.08 but HBC update kept saying I had vulnerable firmware or something. So I used cIOS uninstaller 1.1 to get my cIOS installations off. The only thing I know it removed was cIOS249 after that I still couldn't update the HBC so I started it from the miniboot.elf and I removed the old HBC and reinstalled the new HBC and it worked, so afterwards I restarted my wii en started HBC the only now is that if I startup something from HBC (wadmanager, usbloader) my wiimote turns of and I can't do anything anymore. So I figured I should reinstall cIOS249 to fix the problem but I can't do it because everytime I try something my wiimote turns off and I can't turn it on again (an gc controller also doesn't work).

    I need help with this problem or somebody who can tell me how to bring it back to scratch or to fix this problem


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    Run the cIOS38 rev 17 Installer. Choose IOS36, or IOS250 for installation.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Thnx for your quick reply, tried that but couldn't choose anything with my wiimote or GC controller. Fixed it by first formatting my NAND and than softmod it again..


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