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Thread: Japanese Wii - Help Please ...

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    Japanese Wii - Help Please ...

    Hi there,

    I'm new to this Forum and have to say that have been browsing around here, really great forum.

    My Story: A Friend of mines went to China and brought me back a Japanese Wii, From what i can tell its chipped as the games included are copied games and works 100 percent. After reading around i understand that it is possible to Change the Language from Japanese to English.

    1. So First things first - To Load Homebrew, i have a friend who has the Homebrew channel already installed - would it then be possible just to export the the HomeBrew Channel to SD card and then install the new Channel on My Wii? This would mean that i would not have to do the whole Zelda Twilight method of loading homebrew? - is there any alternate method for loading Homebrew besides the Zelda Twilight method?

    2. I have downloaded the AnyRegion program - please give me step by step instructions on how to ensure that Homebrew picks up this application? I understand that something needs to be renamed on the SD card?

    3. I would like my Wii's Menu's in English - Is it possible to leave all the settings as is on AnyRegion and just change System Menu Region to Europe or USA without Bricking or Semi Bricking the Wii.

    4. I would like the game languages to also be in English - what would i need to do to get this right? Please step by step instructions would be great?

    I would really appreciate it if someone could assist me with this as i am a newbie to all this modding of Wii's

    Thanks a mil in Advance.

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    1. burn the ISO image on a disc for Beta 8, and you can install it like that

    2. format the card to FAT not 32, just FAT
    make a App folder
    put the program folder there
    rename the anyregion_changer.dol to boot.dol
    load HBC and you will see it

    3. to make it different you MUST, make all settings the same as a American Wii, or a european wii! and even then theres a risk

    4. common sense stupid, games are based off region, not off the system, if you buy a english game, its gonna be in english, just like if its japanese, its japanese xD
    Pal = multi 5 *5 different langs*
    NTSC/U = english
    NTSC/J = Japanese

    overall if you screw up, you can use Savemii and probly save it, but in the end, WHAT do you really need to change with another lang? all the settings are mostly unimportant, you can play out of region, and block updates, and you can play the same things with patchs xD

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    Thanks for the quick response admiral victorinox, once again this forum rocks!

    3. If i change all the Settings to American or Europen - would this have any impact on the Chip - meaning - will the chip still work for copied games i buy here in South Africa, the Wii being chipped in China?

    For SA what would the following settings need to be set as on AnyRegion?

    Language Setting :
    Console Area Setting :
    Game Region Setting :
    System Menu Region :

    The main reason for changing the Menu to English would be for the Kids and wife - just making navigation a bit more easier

    Whats Savemii and what is it used for?

    Apologies for the simple questions

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    its fine, no everyone spends hours doing this, has a business related job, and tons of experence, like how i only feel comfy reading/hearing Japanese in a game xD

    no it shouldnt, most are region free, and it shouldnt make a impact.

    this should help you out a LOT

    uhh, i dont really understand that, since i have never really touched my settings and its all very simple logic xD, and yes the menus like returning home and such is based off the game, not the region

    Savemii is 1 of 2 things

    1 is a 20 usd chip, that you put into the GC memory card slot, which allows you to direct boot, a game or Homebrew program etc, so you can install a higher firmware, and fix your Wii, and unbrick it

    2 a edit to a GC controler, go look in the news here for more info, but it does the same as above but for free

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    Thanks once again response admiral victorinox,

    Thanks for the Screenshot as well - just one thing though - the Video mode would have to be PAL for South Africa.

    With Region Free - what can cause you Wii to become bricked or Semi Bricked?
    I mean its sounds relatively simple to do - am i being simple in saying this but it seems straight forward?

    What exactly happens when the Wii becomes bricked or Semi-bricked. I did a search for SaveMii here in South Africa and no luck- what can i use to backup my settings in case i need to restore and how do i then restore?

    Thanks once again and apologies for the 100's of questions

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    revert goes back the original

    for pal it would be about the same, just with Europe settings, i dont know them

    as for bricking
    incorrect or conflecting settings can do it, or a error installing firmware can
    its simple but people still do it, i didnt do anything wrong, and i got a error, i was told my wii is semi bricked, but nothing is different than befor XD so i dont believe them

    it could be anything
    black screen
    not allowed to edit settings

    SaveMiiFree - WiiNewz Forums

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    hello evryone i am happy to be with you and my english not so good but i will try my best thanks..... cloud90


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