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Thread: Can somebody answer some questions about Wii SoftMod?

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    Question Can somebody answer some questions about Wii SoftMod?

    Hi, I am a new member to this forum. I am considering softmoding my wii to play back up games. As I said I am completely new to the idea and have no experience in this sort of thing so excuse me if i am asking stupid questions. I have been reading around and on first impression the concept sounds good. What are the disadvantages, what are the chances of bricking my wii, and is there anything you can do to prevent or resolve these? What is the best tutorial for me to follow(i'll put the details of my wii in a sec)? Also, what exactly do you mean by a 'virgin wii'? Ok, so thats my questions, ill give some details of my console.:

    It isn't brand new and i have had it a good year. I have never done anything like this before.

    Its the UK version and is PAL. Its running on system ver. 4.2E. The serial number begins LEF11...

    I think thats everything. Thanks.

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    Well to start off, you can either softmod it or hardmod it (modchip). Modchipped wiis dont need any software installed to it. You simply remove the cover and install the chip( could be hard if you dont know what you are doing). If you dont like that idea, then softmodding it is the way to go. There are guides on here that will take you step by step to softmodding the wii. If you have a newer wii, you could very well have the new drive chip which doesnt allow you to play backup discs. You would have to use a hard disc drive (HDD). When softmodding you do have to worry about bricking the console. If you do follow the correct guide to a T and know the do's and dont's, then you shouldnt brick. Also a virgin wii is what you currently have, meaning no mods done to it. Hope this helps.
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    You won't brick if you completely follow the guides here but just in case install priiloader and you'll be safe. You can follow the 4.2 Softmod Guide(this will help you to install priiloader). Your Wii is currently a virgin because you don't have hacks installed in your wii or haven't used any exploits.

    Hope that helps


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