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Thread: The New Wii update messed up my Wii, you gonna hate me for this...

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    The New Wii update messed up my Wii, you gonna hate me for this...

    I know that I'm not supposed to accept the upgrades from Nintendo but so far, 3 months after purchase, I downloaded maybe 1 or 2 upgrades and they never did to my Wii what the last upgrade did (can enter The HBC but nothing works there)

    OK, so I searched for a solution as I know that everyone around just hates to repeat themselves here.

    The only solution I found to get The HBC up and running again is to re-mod it using India Jones disc !!
    Is there no other solution out there?

    If it's too much to type the answer just link me up with a guide or solution that I may have overseen here, thanks.
    Apologize for adding to the frustration for all repeated threads on this topic.

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    If your wii is U you can also use super smash brothers. Look at mauifrogs 4.3 guide. He has all methods that work there. You need a game. No way around it yet

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    I look at it this way. We all make mistakes. Your not the only one that has done this. But atleast you arent being annoying when asking for help, and instead of asking for everyone to spoon feed you, you simply asked for a link and will do the fix yourself. Just dont let it happen again. lol
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    Thank you guys, will try mauifrogs guide and update this thread with the outcome

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    I did the same thing, but with shopping channel. After reading so many DO NOT UPDATEs I must have blacked out and updated anyway. Now I'm waiting to get my hands on Indiana Jones. I've read the 4.3 guide. Once I re soft mod (I had HBC installed at 4.2u) I will block all updates. I do have one question will I know if any of the ios's need to be updated in the future? Will the games tell me, or what?

    Many thanks in advance.


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