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Thread: hi im thick lol n need patiance n help please

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    hi im thick lol n need patiance n help please

    step by step would be brill please i really am new too wii, n my boys want me get it right.
    my first prob is someone i know who sold me modded wii will charge me 29 quid to solve my prob
    and with having five kids n out of work cant keep throwing money at him.
    anyway enough of me boring you lol.
    my prob im burning games and most are coming out black n white,im burning them on a slow speed thats
    as much as i know wat too do but still aint working please can anyone give me step by step where im goin wrong please it woild save me a packet in discs lol,thanks so much. [dont forget im thick make it easy for me cheers.

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    Its not a burning issue. Black and white mean its a game from another region. In your loader change the video options. I assume your wii is a E which means your region is PAL and your games are NTSC. Mess with those settings in your loader.

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    thanks so much for quick reply m8 your gunna smack me but where do i find the loader and will it effect my pal games and do the have a section on here with games too dl sorry for askin this if not allowed thanks again

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    The loader is what you use now to load like neogamma. Its all over the site and can be found at We do not support piracy or assist in downloading on this site.


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