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Thread: which usb loader to use?

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    which usb loader to use?

    hi my hdd is getting delivered today and i'm just wondering which usb loader is best to use any suggestions thanks

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    its personal preference really, but i have always prefered CFG loader, never had a problem with it and it does everything you want and does it well!

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    my preference is usb loader gx but thats because i can make my own themes lol and it loads everthing except prince of persia, i have o use wiiflow for that which is alsoa great loader so like davepm said is personal preference

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    I was using USB Loader GX for a while. It is a good loader. But I recently switched to Wiiflow because I love the way it looks. Just download a few of them and give them a try. Like davepm said, it is all personal preference.
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