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Thread: Wii black screen!!

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    Wii black screen!!

    First hi everyone!

    So, i somehave made it, i've killed my wii :/
    I'm getting just a blackscreen when i start the wii, its just black, nothing more..
    I've did some updates to my wii with dop mii, mostly cios and also installed mii channel (i've deleted it somehow).. after that i went back to homebrew and BOOOM the whole homebrew channel was standing on the head lol. then i rebooted and it was black

    i dont really remember but i think i had priiloader installed (it had a white background i think), but holding reset while starting won't do anything. i would try savemiifrii, but i dont have a fking gc controller
    and i dunno if i had bootmii on boot2...
    I'm having fw 4.2(eu)

    Pls help i'm getting crazy

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    Do yo u have a sd card (if so) put in pc & open sd card to see if you have bootmii (boot 2) it will say Nand.bin & size of file will be abt 570mb!

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    no i dont have a bootmii file in my sd card

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    can u access the hbc through priiloader or load something else from there?
    edit: sorry missed the reset won't do anything.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    no i cant... if the savemiifrii methode would work, do i need a fw 4.3 game??
    are there already 4.3 games? (europe)

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    Its untelling what you did since you randomly messed with things. When you power on does your dvd light flash once, or twice quickly?

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    i think it only does once, cannot check atm, im not at home

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    Do you rememmber messing with ios60? If that was deleted or upgraded to a stub of that ios then unless you have a wii old enough to have the ability to install bootmii as boot2 then you're up a creek unless you have the 2 quick dvd flashes on start up. This is why we don't randomly play with things.

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    i didnt know what stub meaned that time, but i saw some of those notes, and still installed them

    if ios 60 is that thing with system menu, i didnt change it

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    Ios60 is what you system menu relies on to run. If that's the stub you installed and don't have boot2 or a wii old enough to have installed it then you have an unfixable brick... Or door stop... Or object to use for a very boring game of kick ball.

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