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  • Yes, To Backup My Games

    6 40.00%
  • Yes, So I Can Download Games Since They Are Expensive

    5 33.33%
  • No, No Need To Make Backups

    1 6.67%
  • No, It's Unethical

    3 20.00%
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Thread: Would you install a mod chip?

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    Would you install a mod chip?

    With the recent news of a possible upcoming modchip, would you use it? Do you find it unethical? Would you get it to pirate games or to legitimately backup games?
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    The only reason I would mod my Wii is if homebrew was able to be used. I have 3 XBox's and the only thing I use them for is XBMC. If the Wii ever had XBMC ported over to it I would consider modding. Also, if Wii's online capability expands and you can't use it with a mod (same way your locked out of Live with a modchip) then I doubt I would do it.

    As for using it to pirate games I wouldn't do that since I consider $60 every few months a good investment. I have been playing Zelda for over 20 hours and can easily say its well worth the $60 I spent, same with Wario.

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    You ve still got over 20 hours left on that game
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    I'd get it, but I wouldn't install it myself because I don't weld :P
    I'd backup my games for sure. Also, I'd probably download some games because it's the most convenient way to try them out.

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    I would probably just get another wii and mod it since i can get a wii here on Post (U.S army base) for $200 no tax. and plus nintendo should offer the old games from the past for free. i dont want to repay for a game i own

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