by Nick Simberg

There's a reason Wii Play sold over 27 million copies and is currently the 6th best-selling game of all time, and it sure ain't the stellar review scores. It's because it debuted at the Wii launch, included an extra controller, and was only $10 more than the Wii remote by itself. When you're picking up your Wii at Target and you say, "I need a second controller, and this one COMES WITH A GAME?!" you'll pick up the $10 game, even if it is just a glorified tech demo. This looks to be Wii Party's plan as well (although this game looks to be at least a bit more fun than Play).

Just announced by Nintendo today: Wii Party will include a remote with every copy. If you need another remote because you just made a new friend on craigslist (maybe at PAX?), you now have no reason not to pick up Wii Party for an extra ten bucks when it ships on October 3 in North America, or October 8 in Europe. I don't have any friends for this to deal to apply to me... but, hey, here you go!

Contrary to the article, I'm not sure that it looks much more entertaining than Wii Play. But hey, a wiimote's a wiimote, yeah?

Source: VGChartz