A new version of Mobile Assault, the excellent flight sim homebrewed game by the Code Tactics Team, is now available for download. New features of the latest update includes three new missions, more structures, better explosions, more fixes and tweaks, among others.


* Features
o 3 new missions
o 6 new desert building structures
o A new spy base structure
* Improvements
o Updated mission ending system
o Separate objectives into primary, Secondary and Bonus categories
o In-game Message Log is scrollable and better spaced
o In-game messages are left aligned
o Better explosions and bullet-to-ground particle effects
o New icon
* Fixes
o Alternating (left, right wing) missile fire is now in sync
* Under The Hood
o Improved mission scripting
o Browser based mission editor (internal use only for the moment

If anyone is wondering why such the long wait and such a limited changelist, the reason is that we've been putting a lot of effort into making a browser based mission editor. Basically the process of porting our old c++ scripted missions into the editor, and then fixing all the quirks took a really long time, but we're satisfied that the final design will stand up for quite a few releases.

Ultimately we're really keen for users to make and submit their own missions. First though, we really ought to make some tutorial videos to give a good overview of how the editor works.

By all means, let fly with the feedback.
[Release] Mobile Assault 1.3