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    well although .:YWG:. has nothing really to do with Wii's, we are a gaming site based on COD4, with a few of our own cod4 severs. Seems ironic since this is a hacking forum, and .:YWG:. is a forum for legit cod players, (we dont mind people with cracked games) but in most cases here, everyone who plays wii online play legit.
    We also allow people to join our site, even if they dont play cod on a PC, or dont have cod at all, and just talk around the forum.
    I am a designer and server admin on the website and im always looking to help people, something that was provided to me pretty fast here when i needed some help, so my experience on this website is GREAT so far.
    I have my own experience with doing certain stuff, i know [craptons] about jailbreaking ipods, and doing other various stuff to them, like simple game hacks, and changing stuff to make ipods they way they should be and all that, so if nyone needs help for that part, PM me and ill help you.
    if nyone is looking for a COD4 clan, then head over to our website and introduce yourself to us, play a bit on our severs, and then apply to join, we are actively recruiting members who are active and contribute
    XD see ya
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    Nice to have you on the forums. And yes we may be a "hacking" forum, but we do not condone piracy or cheaters. Thanks for being a part of our community


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