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Thread: Can anyone help please. My Thread Title Got Loose!

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    Can anyone help please. My Thread Title Got Loose!

    I buy and sell wii consoles from time to time.
    I always reset the console prior to re-sale which is what I did with this one.
    After delivery and within a week the console came winging back as the customer had suffered a black screen event while updating the console with a Wii fit plus disc she bought.
    I now have a dead wii and would like to know if there is anything I can do with it.
    I have wriiten to the seller as I seem to remember a card coming with the console which currently resides in a tin with around 20 others, to see if he can give me some information on what the card was to narrow the search for it as I would hope he has the backup Nand on the card.
    I have downloaded the wii loader to see if I can get any life out of it at all to no avail
    I should be very gatefull for any advise or direction please.

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    Does it have bootmii as boot2 or priiloader installed? Hold reset when you power on for priiloader, dvd light will flash twice quickly when you power on if you have boot2, only once if you don't. Moved to the bricked section of the forum.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.
    When I sent the wii out to the customer I had formatted it so no, I would think not, I guess she just set it up as standard, I was of the view that the format would be the same as making the wii a "virgin"
    Or is it that even with a format there is still a residue, when my wife gets off her fat arse and lets me near the TV I will test the theory that there is in fact still the remnants of the pre-loader.
    Any thoughts?

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    So I have just powered the wii on couple of times, holing the reset button while hitting the power switch and the red light just turned to a green light as normal.
    Dis this twice from the red light and twice directly from the mains switch with the same smooth red to green.

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    Look at the sticky in this section called oh s#+t black screen for your options. Not sounding to good.

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    which formatter? nand formatter? or just format in the settings menu?

    settings menu format doesnt make the wii a virgin. bootmii and priiloader would survive that.

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    I only formatted the settings menu, kinda gives the customer the new feeling with a second hand wii.
    When I get a bit quieter around here I will have another go.
    Thanks for the info though, I am glad to hear it survives, gives me some hope, I guess I did not do it correctly.
    Will report back when I have tried it in a few hours.
    If that should work I guess I just have to work out which of the many cards I have belonged to this wii to find the correct Nand backup if I am reading other threads properly.

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    You could use wiinand to open up the nand.bin + keys.bin then find the setting.txt file and extract it.

    in the nand formatter thread, there is a tool to opne/edit setting.txt files... this would give you the serial number of the wii, then you could match it up.

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    I have just set the wii up in the bedroom for further investigation and tried the holding in the reset button while powering up.
    I have tried it from power on red light, hold reset, power up green,I have tried hold reset and power on from mains and then power up and I am only getting the smooth red /green sequence no sign of flashing, one flash or two just a smooth transition as if the wii were pefectly ok.
    I Have just stuck a working wii on and tried the same thing and the only difference between the two is that the disc entry slot blue neon lights up once quickly on the working console but there is no blue neon light on the bricked one?
    Any clues what no flashing blue neon indicates?

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    Will the wiimote turn it on?

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