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    band hero

    I followed the excellent guide from messie to softmod a 4.2U. Everything works great using gx loader.
    I'm looking to purchase band hero from walmart.
    It is safe to play the original disc?
    will the usb port used for hdd cause problem for the band hero components?
    can i load the game through the HDD from gx loader?
    Anybody have experience band hero with a softmod wii?

    if any new modification needs to be done, which guide to follow?


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    "Safe"? If you mean for your softmodded Wii, make sure you have Priiloader installed along with the relevant hacks (block disk updates, online update). I can't recall for sure whether Messie's guide contains the block disc update hack, but you can find it easily enough. You'll need Hermes IOS 222 V4 for USB instruments on the 2nd USB port. There are guides for RB2, GH5 --- I think they also apply to BH (I don't do pretend instruments, nor real ones --- just my taste, so I cannot personally offer insight).

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    are these the step I need.

    from streamlinehd :

    Install Hermes' cIOS 222 v4 Installer + update usb loader gx


    how can i check which priiloader hacks I have installed?

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    look in the priiloader menu, there is a submenu with the hacks

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