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Thread: Help with wiiflow and usb loader gx channels

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    Help with wiiflow and usb loader gx channels

    Hey, Ive got a problem with both the wii flow and usb loader gx channels.
    Im running on firmware 4.3 if that makes a difference
    Whenever i select either one of these channels with my hard drive plugged in, it take me to a loading screen, the loading screen stays on for a few seconds, and than it stops, and brings me back to the wii menu with all the channels. However when i load these apps from the homebrew channel they work perfectly fine, and they read my hard drive perfectly.
    how do i fix this, so i can start using the channels

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    set it up again i guess
    you can have a look here
    section installing backup launchers
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    If you want to create your own forwarders/channels look here.

    The WiiFlow link in my sig has many premade channels for most version, kindly created by Baboo. If you use one of them, be sure to follow the link and thank him. I am sure if one searched hard enough a GX could also be found here on the site.

    Post 12 of this thread contains a link to a GX forwarder, although I cannot verify if it works or not. The WiiFlow ones I mentioned I KNOW are fine.

    Here is a GX wad I know works. You will have to install Hermes v4 Cios and GX rev 937
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