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Thread: Wasabi Update Hangs Indefinately

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    Wasabi Update Hangs Indefinately

    I have a V1 Wasabi installed with a Wii-Clip that works for most backups except for a few that give me DRE's on startup.

    I have not been able to run any of the updates to completion (1.2Beta, 1.3, 1.4Beta). Whenever I run an update it hangs either on the initializing screen or on the waiting screen for 1.4. Wasabi support indicated that they thought I may have too much noise on points A&B and suggested I move the wires apart and make sure that they are not crossed.

    Has anyone else seen this issue or has any ideas about it? Is it specific to Wii-Clip installs?


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    wii clip, isnt the best, but i have heard more V1's dont update well, a lot of people on other sites had issues who had a V1 chip, i installed 1.4 not to long ago with mine, and it went though without a problem, so that might be the issue


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