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Thread: Is it possible to...(4.3U modding)

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    Is it possible to...(4.3U modding)

    I do not own SSMB or indiana jones, so I was wondering if its possible to extract the installer from one of the hacked game saves and inject it into a different game save?
    If so, can someone help me do so? Thanks in advance.

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    1. First-time posters are directed to make an initial post in the Introductions section of the site;
    2. Sorry, at the current time that's a non-starter; the only other possibility would entail either a mod chip, or if your unit had been previously modded (ie IOS 250 max revision). Maui's got a guide that covers the current contingencies.

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    I just posted an introdution. Thanks for reminding me because I would have forgotten.
    I am sorry to say my Wii has not been modded before. I guess I have to wait for something other than game saves to arrive, but I don't see that happening soon so I guess im outta' luck.


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