Hi guys, first of all, I must thank ShadowSonic2 for posting the Wii Hack guide. It's working like a charm. But here's my problem:

It's been a long time since I've softmodded my Wii, and only now I've managed to buy a Samsung 320GB HDD. After a long time trying to install some games successfully using Hermes IOS 222 configuration on USB Loader GX. But Monster Hunter Tri is more complicated.

Since I've been trying to run the game, I've installed a lot of crap in my Wii.

First thing after softmodding was installing the Hermes 222/223 cIOS, that was ok.

Then I've installed this cIOS38-Rev14 by following a tutorial.
After that I've installed a cIOS37-Rev19 by following another tutorial. Monster Hunter is still not working.

Now I'm trying to install Hermes cIOS 222-223 again merging both 37 to 38 using this tutorial but I'm having a Bad Hash error: http://www.wiihacks.com/wii-games/56...ter-3-tri.html

I don't know if I'm messing a lot with my Wii and I've stopped to ask you help. What do I do? I'm afraid that if I do something wrong maybe my working games will stop working.

Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian.