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Thread: A few problems here. Any help needed/appreciated...

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    A few problems here. Any help needed/appreciated...

    Hello, i am having quite a few problems with my wii homebrew and would like any help.#

    I have 4.2e system firmware.

    1) My priiloader's hacks.ini is not working properly i made sure i installed it right using a tutorial on this website yet it never worked, i followed it exact and yet it isn't working.

    2) Something happened to my console now every disk game (legally bought ones) is asking for wii update, this has never happened to any games made before 4.2e (i.e GH3) yet they all ask for update now.

    3) When installing a wad it has messed up my system memory and now it says i have over 1000 blocks free space but it is actually like 50 or something. I also don't have that much saved on my console to take up all this space.

    4) When i play modern warfare online using neogamma (i have to due to update prompt) i am getting seriously horrible lag online, i don't know what is causing this but a lot of wii games are lagging. However i recently refitted the Bluetooth module the other day due to it breaking and i don't know if doing that could have effected the wi-fi antennas/module/thingys or anything. Also it never used to lag before i re fitted the bluetooth and i fixed it only two weeks after it broke. Everything else, I.e my DS and laprop connect fine with great connection.

    5) I have downloaded codes with accio hacks yet nothing is finding the codes.

    I think that's all my problems, i really need help, so please. Thanks in advance :]

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    to 1

    this should be in your hacks.ini file

    to 2. gets corrected when priiloader is working

    3 no clue

    4 strange

    5 you won't get help on codes on this site i think

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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