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Thread: Question about Western Digital WD10000H1U-00 1TB HDD.

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    Question about Western Digital WD10000H1U-00 1TB HDD.

    So I recently softmodded my Wii and went about creating a partition on my WD 1tb usb drive for backup storage. Got everything setup last night and it worked perfect. Everything was loading fine, ran into no trouble with any of the loaders recognizing the drive or any problems at all loading games.

    So this morning I fired up the Wii before I left the house, loaded a game and fooled around for a few minutes. Shut the system down and left for a few hours. Got back home and started things back up to play for a bit and discovered that none of the game images will load any longer.

    Really confuses me because it worked perfect this morning and the previous night, but now it'll read the drive enough to show me the list of games loaded to it in the loaders but fails to actually load any of them. Also, I narrowed it down to it solely being an issue with the drive itself, because all the loaders will boot games off my smaller sized usb flash drives just fine.

    I searched for quite awhile about this problem, noticed people saying that sometimes the drive needs to be powered down after the Wii has been shut off, things like that. Gave all that a shot and did a few other things. But still to no avail.

    So at this point I'm clueless as to what the issue at hand could be really. Hoping someone out there can offer some more advice beyond what I've managed to find here. I guess if I have to I'll break down and buy a ridiculously large usb flash drive for the backups.
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    If your wii connect is turned on then your hard drive won't fully power off. It goes to stand by. The wii only send a power on signal from a power on . If you download the utility software for the hard drive you can change the settings so it never hibernates.


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