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Thread: Having trouble with Harry potter

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    Having trouble with Harry potter

    Hi guys

    My wii Is hard modded with a d2pro
    And Harry potter Lego works fine.

    Wii is also softmoded on 4.1e but it won't
    Load with gx loader it goes through
    The title and nun chuck needed but then
    It just goes black.
    Had a look at prob games and they say
    Put ios 56 in . Done that but still the
    Any ideas guys

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    Hi canta
    have you tried turn it off and on again.
    no just kidding.

    could be some cIOS issue, have you installed hermes cios aside from wanins 249 cios?
    try to play with the settings in gx for that game, like the cios it loads from, try 222 if you have installed it properly
    no? see below how to push in hermes and wanin cios using wadmanager
    good luck

    edit: also a recent syscheck could help, cause you are putting stuff up and off again all the time

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