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Thread: USB Loader GX forwarder channel need advice

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    Question USB Loader GX forwarder channel need advice

    hi i have usb loader gx forwarder channel installed on my wii its the latest version my sd card is inserted in to the console with the needed app to load, but when i try to load through the forwarder channel it keeps shutting off power to the external hdd like the usb's are losing all there source of power all together this has only just recently started happening to me any idea's? apreciate any help given and thank those who help in advance. it loads perfectly fine through the homebrew chanell.

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    look into this one
    search function brings up quite a lot to this topic
    good luck with it
    some reinstalling etc has to be done -> see link

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    It doesn'y black screen just dissables power to my hdd and says waiting for slow usb device like its trying to load and then finaly gives the stack dump screen


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