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Thread: Wii controllers/nunchucks region dependent?

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    Wii controllers/nunchucks region dependent?

    Are the controllers/nunchucks region dependent? If I bought a controller in Japan, would it work in USA. Or if I bought one in Korea, would it work in Europe?

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    WEll it should im 65% sure it would the nunchuck im 99% sure cause its inexspensive & it does not use motion control as well the wiimote.

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    games have a code
    firmware, have differneces
    controllers are universal

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    Pretty much I don't think there is a way to block the controller from working on one system to another.

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    u can, but why would it be important

    for the Wii the only thing i did *or would ever import* was the super Famicon controller, other than that its all the same, except for the tatsunoko VS capcom joystick, but who cares really xD


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